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Trust Us We're Professionals

Sep 28, 2022

Sports books are now legal in Kansas! And since our firm is based out of Kansas, we thought we would do our fellow Kansians a favor:

In this mini-bonus episode, our finanical experts discuss the tax implications on that 12 team parlay you somehow won at your cousin's bachelor party. 

Sep 14, 2022

To be or not to be? Why are we here? Do you want fries with that?

There are many age-old questions, but perhaps the greatest...does one buy or lease? 

In our latest episode, our financial experts break down the pros and cons for business owners...and really everyone. 

Aug 31, 2022

In a sort of sequel to epsiode 109, our experts will guide you on how to be proactive to make your finances more attractive.

While this is particularly useful when things are volatile, this super smart epsiode will actually help you naviage any financial season. 

Jun 22, 2022

In our latest podcast, we debate one of the toughest questions facing the world today:

Whose leadership style is better...Ted Lasso or Roy Kent?

Apr 13, 2022

In the next entry into our critically acclaimed series on HBO's Succession and succession planning, our experts break down transistioning your business to a third party. 

Just like Willy Wonka.